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The Man with "The Biggest Balls in Show Business". Fudgie was discovered quite accidentally by Versace in 1996 while f!#*hing Donatella in a K-Hole, afterhours in his Miami showroom. Heavily influenced by the late 60's (free love) and early 70's (free drugs) Fudgie dreams of bringing the Fudgie Frottage Revue to Vegas with the help of his brilliant manager, Lu Read.
WEB Hey USA, 2015
TELEVISION The Tyra Banks Show, 2005; Dog Eat Dog (NBC), 2003; The Maury Povitch Show, 1999; Reality Check, SF cable, 2001; Canned Peaches, SF cable, 2000; Lavender Lounge, 1996
MOVIES Hush Up Sweet Charlotte, 2015; Lulu Gets a Facelift, Marc Huestis, 2006; El Presidente, Anne Geezman/ ISW, 2005; Strap 'Em Down, Ann Meredith, 2002; Virtue, Esther Paik/Camera Obscura, 1997; Gendernauts - Monica Treut, 1997
DISCOGRAPHY Padded Bra, Single, 2009; Pass the Fudge, Single, 2008; Cock of the Bay, single, 2007; Sweet Pee, single 2004; To Sir Fudgie With Love, single 2003; Mama Told Me Not to Cum, single, 2001; BiValves for Breakfast, with the Androgyneous Androids, 2001; Porn Star, single, 2000

Sister Roma


The Most Photographed Nun in the World
2018 marks my 31th year as one of the most outspoken and highly visibile members of San Francisco's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. I've been the MC on the main stage at the SF Pride Celebration and The Folsom Street Fair, as well as hosting/mc'ing and performing all over the Country. You may have heard me on KMEL or 92.7, seen me in an MTV video or on CNN or as Co-host of the Tim and Roma show. You can read me in my bi-weekly column, Drag It!, in Gloss Magazine (sfgloss.com). I strive for the adoration of others. I love to laugh -- if you can make me laugh, I'm all yours. I also like gifts of cash and jewelery and will accept bribes from contestants. Sister Roma of www.theSisters.org/roma

Wang Newton


Hey Baby! -- All the way from New York City, Dr.Wang Newton brings his comic "audience agitator" self and Wang TV to infiltrate both SFDK and the entire Left Coast. www.wangnewton.com



Flare is an international drag king performer and producer with over twenty years of experience. Headliner at the Austin International Drag Festival 2018 & 2016 and Saturday night headliner at Fierce! Queer Burlesque Festival in Pittsburgh 2015, Flare brings quality characters to each performance. Producer of “World Class Kings” for World Pride in Toronto 2014, IDKE steering committee member for ten years, and co-producer/director of “A Drag King Extravaganza” a documentary about drag kings and IDKE distributed by Frameline Studios, Flare has been supporting drag king communities far and wide. Flare is known for twisting gender norms by mixing drag and burlesque in provocative performances. One of the first kings to twirl a tassel. From Toronto, Canada.

Leigh Crow


Internationally known as the King of Drag Kings, Leigh has been performing drag since '89 when she was the one and only Drag King in San Francisco! Leigh has hosted many SF Drag King Contests and countless other shows. She has appeared with The Thrillpeddlers, The Sick & Twisted Players. Leigh currently starring in THRILLPEDDLER'S CLUB INFERNO.

April Kidwell


Off Broadway sensation and star of "Showgirls The Musical" in both NY and SF, and the upcoming raunchy and ridiculously funny one-woman tribute "I, Nomi" Kidwell was hailed as a "tireless, fearless wonder" by The New York Times. This femme fatale phenom has it all, https://april-kidwell.squarespace.com/


El SeVan is a performance artist hailing from East Palo Alto, CA. Usually seen performing Spoken Word. 2017 was El SeVan's first attempt at Drag Kinging and he won the title -- not a stranger to competition, El SeVan has won numerous spoken word titles including Grand Slam Champion of 4 separate Bay Area slam teams (Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto). photo: ©Chani Bockwinkle

Jay Mercury

JAY MERCURY, Lipsync for your Life contestant, WINNER SFDK 2017!
Yes There was a tie for Winner.

This bundle of fierceness made it all the way to the crown from the Lipsync for your Life segment of the show. Although they originally hail from Fresno, California- this small hellfire of a person found their drag king calling in Oakland, California. This queerdo loves to make you laugh and even more to make you feel what they call "enticed". Be prepared for either or both!

Madd Dogg


This bad boy has been seen performing at Mother, SF Bootie, The Monster Show, SF Pride, Mascara, and Pride Night at Great America. He is one of the current Sacramento Drag King winners 2014, and San Jose's current Switch-hitter Drag King winner 2014. Look out MADD DOGG 20/20 is coming back to da hood!!

This King has been rocking the West Coast since 2006. ... currently he rules the Ducal Court of The Golden Beaver with his Grand Duchess, Miss Shugana, with a rigorous performance schedule raising money for the community -- he is one hard working guy. Madd Dogg also holds titles in Sacramento and San Jose.

Arty Fishal

SFDK3 - 1998

Leslie Einhorn (AKA ARTY FISHAL & SUPER FISHAL) spent her formative years listening to "Free to Be You & Me" and dancing in front of her mirror in purple heart-shaped sunglasses. She is the founder & director of CASA (http://casasf.org/), a nonprofit art & social justice after school program. CASA recently received a grant from the SF Arts Commission to explore gender with youth. Leslie's 2015 play 'City Not For Sale' (a children's musical about San Francisco) was featured on 'This American Life' (Not Our Town).

Max manchester

WINNER SFDK21 - 2016

Max Manchester won SFDK 2016 with his suave styling and confidence. Max made his way out of the hills of Northern California to delight and dazzle audiences across the USA. Max also won the 1st Season of The King Drag Race on Instagram with his incredibly artistic photos & lipsync videos. Touted by many as one of the most handsome, and smoothest Kings around, you will not be able to keep your hands off his man chester.

Mason Dixon Jars

SFDK20 Reining King 2015

Mason Dixon Jars is five feet of pure swagger, but he's not afraid to wear eyeshadow. He spends his time with drag queens and strippers. He loves the 90s, puppies, booty shorts, and ice cream sandwiches.

Klingon Vanna White


The Babs Bernsteinowitz, aka the Klingon Vanna White, was an outcast on Kronos, her native planet. As a child she felt she never belonged in a world surrounded by drab, utilitarian colors. Her love of bling, luxury, and product presentation made her Klingon family disown her. Heartbroken she came to Earth to find her new family. Adopted by the Bernsteinowitz family in Queens. NY she occasionally slips into the colloquial accent of her chosen people. Klingon Vanna White has an ill fated decades long marriage and performing career with her future ex husband, Shecky Davis Jr. They are currently sorting out the details of their dissolution and totally wish each other the best. They are well known as co-hosts of "Speakeasily" the variety show hosted by Odessa Lil. They are never on the show concurrently due to the multiple restraining orders. Klingon Vanna White believes true honor begins with honesty, creativity, and individuality.

The Rebel Kings


The Rebel Kings of Oakland (RKO) is a drag king troupe five years in the running. They host bi-weekly drag shows at the White Horse Inn in Oakland and gig around California. Open to amateurs and professionals alike, kings and queens and gender rebels, the RKO drag nights are for the community. As a community-minded troupe, the Rebel Kings place top priority on the creation of an inclusive, safe space for bang-up drag, burlesque and queer performers and their fans, and on supporting new kings in popping their drag cherry. Make sure to catch these funny, zany, sexy, wild bois at SFDK 20!! We are Vegas Jake, Randy Puck, Andy Topser, Dante DeMoan, Mickey Finn, Stevie Ray, Pepe Pan.

Dusty Mayhem

Dusty Mayhem (aka Annalyn Bond) blames David Bowie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe for inspiring their delightful descent into crossplay, drag, and burlesque. Through stripping as "Hamilton"s George III, performing punk rock as Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs," and telling sexy superhero stories at "Bawdy Storytelling" as Captain America, Dusty displays a penchant for genderfuckery with a geeky and perverse edge.

Ryder Moore

2nd RUNNER-UP SFDK21-2016

Ryder Moore, San Francisco's very own personal Magic Mike Drag King performer who keeps you memorized and captivated... He's performed coast to coast for audiences all over in the US. You might have seen him in the various bars and clubs all up and down this coast or at various Pride Celebrations ... His vision is to travel overseas to entertain others with his passionate and infectious energy & to be an example for many other young kings to follow your dreams, and do the things you love in life with a passion that speaks from your soul.


Meat Flap is a San Francisco based drag king that would do anything for love... But he won't conform to society's idea of what masculinity is. He is a tender hearted, rock-n-rolling stud that is here to make the ladies scream for more. He is a lean, mean, lady loving machine! He will make you clap, put a party in your lap, he's the one and only Meat Flap!

Will X. Uly

Will X. Uly took the red pill and now has the answers to the questions you didn't ask. He's the embodiment of toxic masculinity -- and he'll mansplain what that means if you're not sure!

Buster Riteopen

Over the past year, Buster Riteopen has performed on a variety of stages, in a variety of stages. His philanthropic tendencies have earned him the title of Imperial Crown Prince to the 39th reign of the Imperial Star Empire of Alameda County, and Mr. California King 2018. Buster is charming, slightly douchey, and enjoys making people feel uncomfortable. You're Welcome!

CALVIN DECLINE, Lipsync for your Life contestant
Small, dark and handsome, Calvin Decline set fire to the UK drag scene over 2016, appearing in music festivals, theatres, clubs, parties, and winning Mr. Congeniality at Brighton's King of the Fringe. He also won Man Up!, the UK's largest drag king contest.

Guicho Domingo

As Guicho Domingo I primarily have been performing in various Drunk Drag Broadway productions (Rooster in MAnnie, Kenickie and Johnny Casino in Greased). I've also performed in Dandy: A Drag King Cabaret and appeared as Chekov in the SF Oasis production of Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder!

My performance goal is to entertain the crowd with quality live vocals and make them feel like they are part of my numbers. Some of my favorite numbers including Greased Lightning and Hand Jive (Greased), America by Neil Diamond (SparkArts Cabaret), Babe by Styx (Dandy), and Easy Street (MAnnie).

Austen Tatious

AUSTEN TATIOUS, Lipsync for your Life contestant
Austen Tatious is the embodiment of the collective fears and motivations lying just beneath the surface of masculinty, put on display for the world to see. The self-proclaimed philosopher king from the republic of Kallipolis (which you probably haven't heard of) is serious in his role as a modern-day arbiter of wisdom, seeking to enlighten the uneducated masses wherever he goes. Austen is the present-day embodiment of a series of white men who see it as their duty uphold the institution of Western intellectualism.

Chico Suave

CHICO SUAVE, Lipsync for your Life contestant
Bay Area Native, Chico Suavé, aka “King of Bling/ Bling King,” was born for the stage. His love affair with performance arts, music, and drama is heavily influenced by his childhood experiences growing up amongst the drag queens and street performers of San Francisco. Chico has a smoooth style all his own, hence the name Suavé, but better believe he has no problem coming hardcore, real, and raw.

On the fourth Sunday of the month, Chico can be found hosting his own show, Shenanigans, at the Fireside Lounge in Alameda, CA.

You can follow Chico Suavé on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lemmy Topper

LEMMY TOPPER, Lipsync for your Life contestant
Hello, I’m Lemmy Topper a wild dude who loves cheese! I’m a cheesemonger by day and a drag dude by night. I enjoy beer, cheese and curvy ladies. You can catch me singing and dancing to 90’s music and hip hop.


BIG LEE AKA LOTUS BOY, Lipsync for your Life contestant
Big Lee is a genderqueer, Chinese-American drag king who likes to play with their food. They laugh at cisgender men who equate their power with their penis size, and they hope that using phallic fruits and vegetables in all their performances makes you laugh too.

Also known as Lotus Boy; the lotus rises from muddy depths to bloom beautifully, which is a metaphor for their gender identity.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @kinglotusboy or catch them performing with @rebelkingsoakland at The White Horse Bar in Oakland.
DJs, Stage Manager and Choreographer

DJ: Mysterious D

Formerly of Bootie, spinning mash-ups and nautical tunes

Kit Tapata


After being named Grand Marshall at the 2106 Gay Rodeo GSGRA-BAC Best Buck in the Bay, he has decided he is qualified to wrangle this year's cavalcade of Kings as Official Stage Manager.

He is also a past title-holder of Mr. Gay SF. He can be seen working around town in Bourbon & Blanche as well as Miss Kitty's Trivia Nights.



With flowers in her hair and glitter on her eyes, Ophelia Coeur de Noir has performed from San Francisco to New York to Australia. Locally, Ms. Ophelia is a regular at Oakland's monthly First Friday Follies & San Francisco's Red Hots Burlesque. Ophelia won the title of Best Pickup Artist at the 2007 Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas and performed with burlesque sensation Gorilla X at the Tease-o-Rama 2007 showcase in San Francisco. She is a member of Theater Bay Area & the California Dance Network. Visit her web site at for upcoming appearances and some truly yummy cheesecake.

lu read

Lu has been promoting clubs since 1988, teaming acts like The Del Rubio Triplets with The Popstitutes (a very Cockettes-esque performance group started by Diet Popstitute, founder of Klubstitute.) In ‘93, Lu masterminded Merkinstock as a West Coast response to Lady Bunny’s NY Wigstock, featuring performers like Justin Vivian Bond, Pearl E. Gates, Elvis Herselvis, Arturo Galster, Jerome Caja and more! With So many talented Queens and a growing number of Kings anxious to entertain, DragStrip was launched as a monthly showcase of both Drag and Strip/Burlesque acts -- to top it off a Fetish Lounge, “Dungeons and Drag Queens” was incorporated. DragStrip debuted at The Transmission Theatre, SF in ‘95 and later moved to the DNA Lounge. In ‘97 Lu/DragStrip produced The 2nd Annual SF Drag King Contest as part of a benefit for Les Feinberg called “More For Les”, organized by Jordy Jones of Club Confidential. Lu has produced every SFDK Contest since! Read also hosted a niteclub talk show called Throne in the upstairs backroom of the DNA Lounge with featured guests like Mo B. Dick, Murray Hill, Dred, and more. Lu now focuses on special events and has hosted, produced or co-produced countless, memorable parties and fundraisers including: Mondo Porno with NY club promoter Editrix Abby and Chez Badunkadunk . Lu doubles as Fudgie Frottage’s manager. If you’d like to buy Lu a niteclub or cabaret, or you need to book Fudgie, please contact him at: info@sfdragkingcontest.com