27th San Francisco Drag King Contest, 2023Header

San San Francisco has always been rife with gaiety and gender variants; this is well reflected by our niteclub scene. Most everyone has heard of The Black Cat, where Empress Jose Sarria reigned, but dating back to the 40's was a club called Mona's 440 Club where Male Impersonators like Miss Jimmy Reynard, Rose O'Neill, the "Female Fred Astaire", Butch Minton and Gladys Bentley were featured and everyone "dressed".

In the 80's, Shelly Mars "the Granddaddy of Drag Kings" performed her infamous beer bottle j/o number at clubs like the Baybrick, as documented in Monica Treut's 1988 film "Virgin Machine." Leigh Crow performed as Elvis Herselvis for the first time at Mr. Nancy's club, Female Trouble in 1989. Other clubs where Drag Kings, Trannybois, Transmen, and friends created and/or frequented were: Club Confidential, started by Jordy Jones and Mr. Stafford, KLUBSTiTUTE started by Diet Popstitute, and Lu Read's DragStrip.

Below is a Timeline of SF Drag King Contests:

2022/SFDK26 2022 winner: Helixir Jynder Bentwell,
1st runner-up: Stinky Pinky and 2nd runner-up: Hennessey Williams.
2021/SFDK25 Meatflap wins the title with a prolific rendition of Bowie's "Rock and Roll Suicide".
1st-runner up was Lotus Boy who killed it with a virtual video of "Racist Sexist Boy" by the Linda Lindas. His performance was virtual. All judges except for Fontaine Blue appeared remotely, via zoom due to pandemic safety choices.
2020 We skipped a year due to Covid. We did not opt for a streaming show, hoping the City would lift the ban on indoor club activity, or that we would luck out and find a suitable outdoor venue. We did not. #safetyfirst
2019/SFDK24 Holden Wood wins with a terrific Steve Irwin number,
1st runner-up: DeeJay Galaxy and 2nd runner-up: Ryder Moore. Judges: Wang Newton; Arty Fishal; El Sevan and Madd Dogg 20/20 who filled in for Leigh Crow due to circumstances beyond his control.
2018/SFDK23 2018 SFDK23 celebrates salty, swaggering seamen.
The winner is: Will X. Ully, in an amazing William Shakespeare number, 1st runner up is: Chico Suave, 2nd runner up is: Buster Riteopen.
Lord Satan was First runner-up. El SeVan performed a moving piece to a Marvin Gaye medley with his trusty service dog, Olive a Formosan Mountain Dog mix. To accommodate more contestants a Lipsync for Your Life segment was added to the show and EmJay Mercury won that segment to move on to winning the crown with his own special head gear to the Mexican folk song "El Rey" Lord Satan performed an epic Evel Knievel routine. Gene Jeanie wins best costume for his Bowie impersonation and is later featured in Vogue magazine.
Judges: Special Guest: Landon Cider, Leigh Crow, Arty Fishal, and Nancy French.
Kitten On The Keys was scheduled to judge, but ate some brown acid and had to cancel.


Gene Jeanie did his first drag performance in January 2016 in response to the death of David Bowie and he has continued to do Bowie-inspired acts ever since. He is based in Central California and has performed in San Francisco, Sacramento, and LA. He has been featured by Buzzfeed; OUT Magazine; and Vogue
First runner-up is Donny Mirassou, 2nd runner-up is Ryder Moore. Judges: Leigh Crow; Super Fishal; Nancy French; and Mutha Chucka.
2015/SFDK20 Mason Dixon Jars Wins with his Interpretive Garden of Eden Insanity.
Lord Satan is First Runner-Up with "Hot, Hot, Hot" Judges: Leigh Crow, Mo B. Dick, Arty Fishal, Steven LeMay & Clammy Faye.
2014/SFDK19 Madd Dogg 20/20 wins with medley: "Mercy" by Tunechi, "Bang Bang" Will. I. Am and "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" by Fergie featuring Qtip and Goonrock. Backups: Dina Isis, James Arthur & Danny Lum.
Judges: Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's, Mo B. Dick, Arty Fishal & Princess Pandora.
2013/SFDK18 Art Kahn wins with the Kings of Queen!
Judges: Rusty Hips, Anna Conda, Bea Dazzler and Mutha Chucka
2012/SFDK17 Cohen Brothers win!
Lady Satan is first runner-up & Art Kahn takes 2nd runner-up. Judges are Mo B. Dick, Leigh Crow, Super Fishal & LeMay.
2011/SFDK16 Gender Queer Society from San Jose wins!
2010/SFDK15 Hamm Graham and The Wham Bam Thank You Ma'ams wins with a wild west version of Styx "Renegade"
and Dillon St. Dong takes First Runner Up with his Clown King Balloon Antics.
2009/SFDK14 Delicio Del Toro wins the Title with a wildly entertaining multimedia Lucha Libre number complete with a pinata, tortillas and a big thick burrito grande!
Hamm Graham and The Wham Bam Thank You Ma'ams are first runners up with an insane rendition of "Jukebox Hero" complete with a most realistic port-a-potty prop, and Mickey Finn placed 2nd runner up with a gorgeously choreographed rendition of "Lola". Judges Rusty Hips, Anna Conda, Jay Walker and Simone DeLaGetto were performing all sorts of stunts throughout the evening. Sister Roma joined Fudgie as co-emcee.
2008/SFDK13 Papa Don Preach, performing as a King for the very first time ever steals the show with a live version of George Michaels' "Father Figure"
Fella-Fem wins Best Troupe with a super hot medley and because they are "hung like Jesus" Del Toro takes 1st Runner Up and another newcomer, Dexter James takes 2nd Runner Up. Honorable Mentions go to: Seimen Marcus for Best Ass, Manny Nuff for Best Name and Hank Zalen for Best Lipsynch ("Sweet Child 'O Mine")
2007/SFDK12 Pete Sake won the solo king title with his flawless rendition of an obscure but catchy '60s tune, "Bird on the Second Floor," dressed as a corrections officers with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie impersonators as back-up dancers.
The Pacmen from Sacramento's Kings of Drag, won best troupe performance with their impeccable choreography to a Motown medley by the Temptations. 1st runner-up went to Fakin' Aiken aka Rock Candy, who did an amazing Clay Aiken impersonation. Delicio Del Toro placed 2nd runner-up for his hilarious Chippendale-inspired lip-synch and dance routine, complete with stripper pole. Judges awarded Seymour Sinn, best lip-synch, for his amazing rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" and Jack Dup won best live performance. Judges were: Sister Roma, Animal and Simone DeLaGetto. The Event was held at SomArts.
2006/SFDK11 In a stellar, balls out competition, Buck Naked won the solo king title. Contrary to his name, Buck executed a dapper persona, flawlessly lipsynching a classy tune, "This business of Love" complete with two stunning back-up dancers.
The Slickk Bois from Sacramento won the title for best troupe with their thought provoking and well-choreographed medley which included Violent Femmes "Add it up".

Afro Disiak and Citizen Kings were runners up. Judges were: Alotta Boutte, Lynnee Breedlove, Shelly Mars and Kielbasia. Fudgie was presented with a Proclamation from The City of SF, by way of Tom Ammiano, officially declaring the date as "Drag King Day."

2005/SFDK10 10 Year Anniversary Show:
The competition is extra fierce forcing the judges Simone DeLaGhetto, Diana Cage, Skeeter, Jordan L'Moore, Drew Montana & Tin Hardware (Transformers) to announce both individual and troupe winners.

Solo King is Jay Walker who wowed the crowd with his flawless Prince impersonation and medley complete with genderqueer back-up studs The Cockivores. Momma's Boyz win Best Troupe with their barrage of sexy live hip hop vocals and outstanding dancers!

Citizen Kings take 2nd place troupe -- their political acumen draws an "off the meter" applause reaction from the audience. Dick Van Dyke wins first runner up solo with his naughty rendition of "Chim-Chim-Cheree". WOOD "hard rock, fake cock" opens the show followed by a steamy rendition of "Fever" choreographed by the Diamond Daggers complete with MC's Fudgie & Rusty. Gina Schock of The Go-Go's appears as special guest DJ. Location DNA Lounge

2004/SFDK9 Transformers win with a show-stopping medly and cast of thousands. Tie for 1st runner up: Maximillian Inches & Mr. Goodbar; tie for 2nd place:
Momma's Boyz & Dr. Chains. Judges: Cricket Bardot, Precious Moments, Vinsantos and Skeeter. Rusty Hips as San Bernadino Joe and Fudgie Frottage host at DNA Lounge.
2003/SFDK8 Sun. July 20th, Max Voltage wins SFDK8 performing Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” complete with YoYo and his sister/dance partner Eva Ning.
Billy Slick and Johnny Angel place 1st runner up with their homoerotic football jock number, Black Magic with members Fresh White and Papa Dino place 2nd runner up.A ConFab was incorporated with workshops by Jake Danger aka Mel Corn and Arty Fishal aka Leslie Einhorn, as well as a Politics of Drag Panel hosted by A. Toone which included panelists: Judith “Jack” Haberstam author of “The Drag King Book”, The Woodyz opened the show with special guest King singers, Leigh Crow, Shack “The Shack” Shackwell, Fudgie Frottage, Fresh White and Frankie Tenderloin. Portions of the show were televised by Univision/Cable 14 and John Cameron Mitchell creator of “Hedwig” was in the audience.
2002/SFDK7 Th. Aug. 22nd, Rusty Hips wins SFDK7 performing a wildly interpretive “Sir Psycho Sex “ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers with an all star cast including: Vinsantos, Crickett Bardot, Simone de la Ghetto and Precious Moments.
Location: Studio Z, Judges include: Anita Cocktail, Electro the Pop N Lock King, and Skeeter. Leigh Crow and Shack “The Shack” Shackwell MC.
2001/SFDK6 Sat. July 14th, Howie Weenis aka Vinnie Testosterone aka Vlad Sucker aka Rat Bastard aka Possum aka Malia Spanyol wins SFDK6 in a stunning interpretive dance to a medly of his favorite ‘80’s tunes.
The audience pelts him with reams of crumpled up paper -- a true tribute to nerds everywhere! Contest took place at SOMARTS. Rusty Hips, Mr. Club Fab performs as Billy Idol and places 2nd runner up. Celebrity judges include: Peggy Sue, Miss Chocolate, and Jordy Jones. Leigh Crow MCs.
2000/SFDK5 Sat. July 15th, Electro aka “The Pop n’ Lock King” aka Cassie Holman wins SFDK5 at The King Street Garage.
Vlad Sucker, Mr Trannyshack is 1st Runner Up. MC is Leigh Crow, Artist Formerly Known as Elvis Herselvis. Judges include: Arty Fishal, Connie Champagne, Johnny Kat and Riley Morgan.
1999/SFDK4 Barry “Fresh” White wins SFDK4 at DNA Lounge impersonating Barry White with a glorious, choreographed rendition of “You’re My Everything”.
Judges are: Bea Dazzler, Skeeter, Michelle Tea, Joan Jett Blakk, Crush Velvet and Duke, SFDK2. Leigh Crow, “Artist Formerly Known as Elvis Herselvis” MCs.
1998/SFDK3 Arty Fishal aka Super Fishal aka Leslie Einhorn wins SFDK3 at the DNA Lounge, performing “Me and Mrs. Jones” with Shirely U. Gest aka Karlyn Lotney aka Fairybutch. Elvis Herselvis MCs with Jordan LaMoore.
The Dodge Brothers, (Harry Dodge, Silas Flipper) perform. Vinnie and Mario Testosteroni appear as Possum & Squirrel (think Deliverance). Deena Davenport, Lori Naslund aka Has Uber Easy, Texas Tomboy, and Denise Laws are Celebrity Judges.
1997/SFDK2 The 2nd Official SF Drag King Contest takes place at The King Street Garage as part of a Benefit for Les Feinberg “More For Les” Organized by Jordy Jones.
MC’s are Elvis Herselvis and Joan Jett Black. Duke aka Cooper Lee Bombadier wins (he’s also on the cover of “The Drag King Book” by Del La Grace Volcano and Judith “Jack” Haberstam. Judges include: Rodney Austin O’Neil and Erin O’Neill. Lu Read of DragStrip produces from here on.
1995 - 1996 These two years are skipped completely for SF Drag King Contests,
but Drag King momentum ran rampant with a cover story in the SF Weekly, Hillbillies On The Moon, the first Drag King Musical at Theatre Rhinoceros, the opening of Mo B. Dick's, Club Casanova in NYC and the launching of www.Madkats.com.
1994/SFDK1 Wed. May 18th, Mr. Nancy Kravitz and Katherine Murty hold the 1st Official San Francisco Drag King Contest at The Eagle.
Elvis MC’s, Club Confidential hosts Stafford & Jordy Jones are among the judges. BJ wins.
1993 Stafford wins a Drag King contest at the DNA Lounge, produced by The LAB.
Elvis Herselvis and Justin Bond MC.